The city is our muse. Your stay is our canvas.

Welcome to The Saul Hotel. We are part local hotel, part urban journey.

Our story

Drawing its name from the Hebrew poet Saul Tchernichovsky, the story of The Saul is the story of Tel Aviv. A story of vision and spirit. Of art, and poetry. Of a romantic past, and the unfolding future. A story of a place, and the people who give it life.

Through locally-inspired design, diverse cultural collaborations, and personally tailored itineraries, we make sure our doors don’t shut the city out — they call it in. With open windows and an open mind, we are constantly pursuing new ideas, experiences and connections to inspire the most curious of travelers.

The Stay

For us the big picture is in the little details.

From thoughtful service to impeccable facilities, from our quality linens to our complimentary wine bar, we offer uncompromising - yet unpretentious - care.

The Saul is a space for leisure and a place for adventure. We bring you sun-soaked rooms for your mornings in, a spacious balcony for an evening drink, a breezy rooftop for city gazing - alongside personalized urban experiences, delivered to the palm of your hand.

The Aesthetics

Tel Aviv flows through our valves and tiles our floors. Built in 1947, our hotel pays homage to the Tel Aviv of the past through terrazzo floors, adorned with the poems of Saul Tchernichovsky.

Inspired by the duality of old and new, architect Dan Troim designed The Saul. The hotel features a modern interior, with contrasting whitewashed brick walls exposed concrete, and sleek lines of walnut furniture. The aesthetic is minimalistic, while touches of coziness are introduced through framed geometric prints, the lush greenery of a potted plant, and the smoky blue hues of handwoven Egyptian cotton linen.

The Hood

With a prime location between the beach and the city center, our neighborhood is often referred to as the city's heart.

Tucked among residential homes, we expose guests to the neighborhood’s authentic character. In just a walking distance you will find the local market, the best bars and restaurants, boutique coffee spots, and concept stores.

We’re shades of green in a city of white.

We believe that as the business grows, so does our influence. The Saul is sustainable in every sense of the word — culturally, socially, economically, and environmentally — We take pride in being the only hotel in Tel Aviv with a Green Key label.

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